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About us

Vesa rubber milking machines and spare parts were established in 1993 with high quality for various industrial areas and applications, and continues its activities with its experienced staff in its facilities with 600 m² closed area in Bursa.
Our company has a wide range of products and specializes in the design and production of rubber and plastic parts, especially milking machines and spare parts.
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Milking Machines & Spare Parts and Equipment

Why Vesa Rubber?

We always choose the best quality materials we use. Every material to be used in the production stages is carefully selected.

We work with our experienced and professional team. We know very well how important experience is in production processes.

We always stand behind the goods we sell. The actual process starts after the product is sold. You have to guarantee the goods you sell.

Milking Machines

Cow Milking Machines

Cow Milking Machine are Milking machines with different features. Its design and function are critical for expressing milk with minimal risk to extract milk quickly and effectively without damaging the teat or gland, and to transmit pathogenic microorganisms that may cause mastitis.

Goat Milking Machines

Goat milking machines have made great progress with the development of the sheep and goat breeding sector. Irritation of the udders of the animals causes the loss of time and the animal not leaving the milk completely, the unhygienic barn and the germs that will cause many diseases caused by the open air environment to mix into the milk.

Sheep Milking Machines

It has progressed with the awareness that it is the food with the closest nutrient and protein values to breast milk. The disadvantage of expressing the milk by hand has emerged. The classical method of milking irritates the udders of the animal and the constant squeezing of the udders has become a torture for the milking and milking animal to keep the milk.

Milking Spare Parts and Equipment

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